Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bucket List...and some other stuff!

April and I put the older boys to bed the other night and had a movie date. Based on the title and photo, you'll never guess what we watched?!?! Give up? OK, it was 'The Bucket List' with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. From someone who, admittedly and obviously, has seen too many movies, I've gotta say, this was one of the best! It got me to thinking, ...what is my bucket list? ...what is April's bucket list? ...what are my boys bucket lists? ...what is your bucket list? I know I am young, too young some would say for a list of this type. I say "nay!!" Look what it did for Jack Nicholson's character in the movie. So, I now have a bLoG and a bucket list! Mybucket list goes something like this...
Take April to Paris (or a location to be named later) for an extended vacation.

Skydive (I know that seems like complete plagiarism from the movie and song, but....)

Fly in a fighter jet (Talk to me Goose!!!)

Visit a working aircraft carrier (Talk to me Goose!!!)

Enjoy the NASCAR experience ( I know how Richard Petty feels!)

Catch a Red Sox game at Fenway with my sons.

This list is in no way complete. Before I shamelessly ask you for your bucket lists (if you wish) I thought about a few of the things that I have gotten to do in my 33.9 years that would be on alot of people's bucket lists and just how fortunate and blessed I have been. I don't know a good title for this list so...

Went to a Kenny Chesney concert in Biloxi, MS and stood next to the stage holding the most devout KC fan in my arms just hoping for a good view. KC came around one time and I swore he made eye contact with me and looked at Davis and smiled. I told Davis to hold his arm out next time he came by and MAYBE, just MAYBE he would get a high five from Kenny. Sure enough, the next time he headed our way, I held little Davis up and just knew that he would get to touch his musical idol. KC worked his way toward us and when he got to Davis, much to my surprise, he grabbed my son out of my arms and pulled him up onto the stage, squatted down, sang " that's something that just DON'T HAPPEN TWICE", and raised his arm up and gave Davis the loudest 'high-five" I have ever heard. April and I looked at each other through the tears and somehow April gained the sense to snap a few pictures. 20,000 people saw our son on stage with Kenny Chesney that night. Over the next few days, we kept running into people that were there and would overhear people talking about it and were able to say, "That was my son!!" The irony of the moment and the lyric has not been wasted on us ever since!


April and I went to the Alabama-Auburn game at Legion Field in 1996. We met up with a coach friend of ours prior to the game and he asked us if we wanted to go down on the field. Those of you that know me know, I was all over that! I thought we would get to stand on the sidelines, maybe accidentally step between the lines. We went down and the guard opened the gate and we walked in. We looked around for a minute. WOW! Some 80,000 people filling the Old Gray Lady on Graymont, both teams warming up, there must have been 200 players on the field. I grabbed April's arm and we took off. When we reached midfield, I grabbed my cell phone and called my dad and said, "Hoss, ain't gonna believe this!" I told him we were on the 50 yard line. He said, "Man, ya'll got good seats!" I said, "No! We are ON THE 50 YARD LINE!!!" We stood and turned in circles for a few minutes, just soaking it all in. Just as we reached the sidelines, some unidentified player spotted me, I held up my arms and he threw me a pass and I tapped my toes right on the sidelines and tossed the ball back. As if that weren't enough, Freddie Kitchens hit Dennis Riddle with a little screen pass in the last minute for a 24-23 victory. April and I ran around the stadium in order to get back on the field, maybe, just maybe...After a brief wait, I walked up the tunnel passing Mike DuBose (hold your laughter please!!), and several other assistant coaches. When I reached the locker room... SILENCE! I could not believe it! I grew up celebrating Bama wins and I was louder by myself than the entire locker room. We just beat Auburn for crying out loud!! One of the first players I saw was John Causey, a classmate of mine. He was crying his eyes out. I walked up to him and shook his hand and he told me that Coach Stallings had just informed the team that he was retiring! I walked past Coach Stallings, Mal Moore, and a few others sharing a special moment. After standing around for a few minutes, I saw all of them head out of the locker room. I couldn't resist. I had to be near that moment! I followed as closely as I could. I stood near the small doorway leading to the media room and watched Coach Stallings deliver his retirement announcement to the world! Being a HUGE BAMA fan, I will never forget that moment. Quiet a day, I would say!


On May 9, 2007, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of many young men but especially of mine. I had come close in my playing career several times but never won 'the big one'. I was fortunate enough to coach baseball at my high school alma mater, Coosa Valley Academy, for two glorious seasons.

During our first season at CVA we went into the Final Four as a huge underdog. We made it to the Championship game but fell short 2-0. That night, we vowed not to settle for second place the next season. What transpired during that magical season cannot be explained in a few sentences. 17 young men, and 1 coach formed a bond of togetherness that can only be explained as 'awesome!' We beat the #1 ranked team in the state, Tuscaloosa Academy, at their own tournament. We played in an elite Border Wars tournament pitting the top teams from Georgia against the top teams from Alabama and lost 2-1 to the eventual state champion from Georgia, Southland Academy. But, the season culminated in a matchup between us and our cross county rival, Shelby Academy, for the State Championship. In two games we played almost perfect baseball and won the first baseball state championship in the history of CVA. And, as evidenced in the photograph, I got to kiss the wife of a STATE CHAMPION!!! and put together something that noone can ever take away from us...friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!!!
So, I could go on forever with too many more great things for this bLoG but...enough of mine. Please send or post your bucket list and/or some moments that you have experienced that would be on others bucket lists. Who knows?!?! It might change your life or someone else's.


SLIDESHOW - Godspeed (SweetDreams)

SLIDESHOW from family photo day at 'fiveoakes plantation.' special thanks to Kamin Hoyle Photography! (and the Dixie Chicks!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Norm!!!!!!!!! Does anybody remember Norm from Cheers?

"what's shaking Norm?"
"all 4 cheeks and a couple of chins"
"what'd you like Normie?"
"a reason to live. give me another beer."
"how's the world treating you Norm?"
"like a baby treats a diaper!" (my timely favorite)

"hey Norm. there's a cold one waiting on you."
"i know. if she calls, i'm not here!"

"whatcha up to Norm?"
"my ideal weight if I were eleven feet tall"

"women...can't live without 'em...pass the beer nuts!"

"pour you a beer normie?"
"alright, but stop me at one...make that 1:30!"

"how's a beer sound normie?"
"i dunno. i usually finish them before they get a word in"

who will assist me in voting to bring back Cheers after M*A*S*H and the ten o'clock news, with Gene Lively and Pam Huff,just like the good old days? not sure if we would have any luck but it would be fun to see what we could stir up, wouldn't it? while we are at it...can we bring back Johnny Carson...the aforementioned M*A*S*H (that one's for you Brenda Skinner, if you're looking)...the Cosby Show...the Michael Jackson from the Thriller days...ER with Goose and George Clooney...Barry Sanders...Prince before all of the symbol/name changes...Arnold from Diff'rent Strokes...the piano intro from Hill Street Blues...Tattoo from Fantasy Island...Brett Favre with the Packers...Mad About You...Moonlighting (that one's for you KimShea)...Ponch and John from CHiPS...the Jeffersons...and finally....the Waltons (Good Night John Boy!!!!)????

let me know of your votes yea or nay...we can do this!!!

one more from Norm...
"how's it going Norm?"
"it's a dog eat dog world Woody and I'm wearing milkbone underwear!!!"

until next time....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

more movie quotes...

...think of this as sort of a competition. you must respond with your answers. those who name the characters as well as the movie title get extra credit. i will release results later. (good luck Jeff!!!) no cheating!!!! here goes...

#1)"you're a thief and a liar"..."i only lied about being a thief and i don't do that anymore"..."steal?"..."lie"..."i'm with someone who doesn't have to make that distinction"..."no, he's very clear on both!"

#2)"you scared?"..."terrified. mortified. petrified. you!"

#3)"i almost numchucked you. you don't even realize!"

#4)"it's the bottom of the ninth, the score is tied, it's time for the big one"..."you up for this?"..."just a walk in the park!"

#5)"i don't scrath my head unless it itches and i don't dance unless i hear some music. i will not be intimidated. that's just the way it is!"

(bonus)"charlie, here comes the duece. and when you speak of me, speak well!"


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

cheap shades...sand...sunburn...SUMMERTIME

this is a on the play button...for our spanish speaking friends "es la video...slideshow"

my idea of a great summertime!


Monday, August 11, 2008

more funny stuff...

my third son, Patten McCrae, was named after my mother, my mother in law, and a character from one of my favorite movies, Augustus McCrae from Lonesome Dove. here are some of his best qoutes, and a few others.

"It's not dying I'm talking about. It's living!"

"Well I'm glad I ain't scared to be lazy!"

his last line before dying "...I'God Woodrow, it's been one hell of a party!"

"It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds." Doc Holliday - Tombstone

"I stand corrected Wyatt. You're an Oak!" Doc Holliday - Tombstone

now, you have to guess these...

"I'll have what she's having." ???

"Some times there just aren't enough rocks." ???

"I'll be taking these Huggies and, uh, whatever cash you got" ???

"You may think you hate it now. But wait until you drive it." ???

"Oh...if I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be any more surprised." lyrics...enjoy


Sunday, August 10, 2008

more movie quotes and funny stuff...

...not real "stumpers" just some good (mostly) funny quotes and other assorted funny stuff.

"do you like apples?" - "yeah" - "well, i got her number. how do you like them apples?!?!"

"if i had it all to do over again, i'd still hit the shot" - "you'd bury yourself alive just to prove that you could handle the shovel"

"i have no responsibilities here whatsoever"

other stuff...sayings...

Apathy:I could take it or leave it.

Don't believe everything that you think.

I'm schizophrenic. And so am I.

National Spelling Bee Runer Up.

Kids in the back seat cause accidents. Accidents in the back seat cause kids.

Fishermen don't die, they just smell that way.

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.

Procrastinate now!!

What if the hokey pokey is really what it's all about?

other stuff..bumper stickers...

"Daddy farted and we can't get out!!"

"I got a gun for my trade I ever made"

"Lord give me patience...but hurry!!!"

"I child proofed my house...but they still get in."

more useless funny stuff to come....stay tuned!